We help organizations and individuals who are serious about tapping into their talent and embracing new ways of doing things to get desired results.

Our coaching programs and services are custom designed to meet each individual’s specific needs, preparing them to immediately apply new proficiencies with confidence.

Need to Train Managers How to Better Coach Their Employees?

Organizations need employees to be creative, flexible risk takers who welcome responsibility and accountability. Managers need to get results and develop people. Help your managers become the key to developing self-managing employees who own their jobs and their results.



Accept the leadership challenge

Achieve outstanding productivity

Develop workforce talent

Insure performance accountability

Coach people to their full potential


LeaderCOACHES are more effective leaders, no matter their level – supervisor to executive.

The LeaderCOACH culture creates and sustains the spirit of innovation and collaboration.

The LeaderCOACH culture attracts and retains talented people.


Teaches the deliberative skills and mind set of the leader-as-coach.

Equips managers to successfully coach to the widely differing communication styles of their direct reports.

Helps managers to determine when to coach and when to give direction.

Embeds the crucial ability to provide honest feedback to staff members.

Features concentrated practice in the winning tactics of accountability-centered leadership.

The LeaderCOACH program is a reality-based, competency-building two-day workshop filled with directly applicable practice for all levels of management.

LeaderCOACH Training is available:

as an on-site program for your managers conducted by Perrone-Ambrose Associates consultants.

Leader/COACH Licensing lets your own training staff run the program for your managers following their completion of a Leader/COACH train-the-trainer workshop which follows their participation in the Leader/COACH Program.

Program Highlights

The LeaderCoach at work

-The key functions of the leader/coach

-Throwing off the command and control habit

Coaching Different Styles

-Inventory of personal style preferences (MBTI)

-Coaching “shadow styles”

Practice, Practice, Practice

-Real-life face-to-face coaching

-Feedback from peers

Human Resources professionals can create a new way of addressing problem issues with managers and staff through coaching skills and proficiencies. A great skills workshop that gives the HR professional a way to help the Human Resources customer proactively solve employee issues.


Achieve a whole new level of partnering with the managers in your organization. Create targeted conversations in which managers enhance their leadership capabilities, move themselves to action and get better results more quickly. The targeted conversation is coaching; the outcome is greater self-reliance in handling employee issues.

Coaching Skills for HR Professionals is a two-day program of self-development and discovery where participants:

Learn when to coach, when to consult and when to tell

Experience what it feels like to coach from a ‘breakthrough’ perspective

Get feedback on the impact of your coaching


A Coaching Model

Layered listening, powerful questions, supportive dialogue

The Seven Coaching Masteries

Numerous opportunities to coach using real-life work situations

Personal plan for integrating coaching into your HR position