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For more than 25 years Perrone-Ambrose Associates has been committed to helping organizations establish and sustain growth oriented mentoring cultures. We are dedicated to making our client’s people as good as they can be and better than they have been. PAA has consulted to every possible industry–from banking to manufacturing to associations, from healthcare to government to non-profits.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing practical and impactful mentoring and coaching training and licensing programs, books, tools, guides and consultation services today for shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

our passion

  • The full engagement of our client’s employees’ potential and creative energy as mentors, mentees and coaches.
  • Enabling people to move beyond who they are right now to whom they can become in the future.
  • Working with organizations to shape a Mentoring approach compatible with their culture and values.
Perrone Ambrose
Perrone Ambrose
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Perrone Ambrose How to start Mentoring programs that are practical and get results.

Perrone AmbroseTailored Mentoring programs to fit the unique needs of a business, non-profit or government organization.

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ENGAGING People by Unlocking Potential

Licensing 3 Day Workshop
Mentors 2100
Train the Trainer
Oct 16-18, 2018; Dec 4-6, 2018

Deerfield, IL

Webinar-2 Sessions
Setting Up A Mentoring Program
Nov 1st & 8th, 2018
at 10AM-11:30AM CST

1/2Day Workshop
Setting Up a Mentoring Program
The Potential of Mentoring
Oct 15, 2018 ; Dec 3, 2018   
Deerfield, IL