Many Organizations choose to develop and expand the coaching skills of their managers instead of instituting a Mentoring Program.

Our coaching programs and services are custom designed to meet an organization’s goals or individually — an executive’s specific needs.

Need to Train Managers How to Better Coach Their Employees?

Help your managers become the key to developing self-managing employees .


For Managers to Coach people to their full potential

Available On-Site for your managers conducted by Perrone-Ambrose Associates

Licensing to run the Leader/Coach program yourself is available for those who complete a L/C train-the-trainer


Highlights of the LeaderCoach Program

-defines the key functions of the leader/coach

-demonstrates how to shed the command and control habit

-explores the coaching of different styles

-applies personality preferences with the different styles -MBTI

-provides practice, practice, practice

-uses real life face to face coaching

-facilitates the giving and receiving of feedback

-develops a plan for integrating coaching into your HR position



Human Resources professionals can benefit from a skill workshop that offers proactive solutions to employee issues.            


Achieve a whole new level of partnering with the managers in your organization. Create targeted conversations.

Coaching Skills for HR Professionals is a two-day program of self-development.

Learn when to coach, when to consult and when to tell

Experience what it feels like to coach from a ‘breakthrough’ perspective

Get feedback on the impact of your coaching


A Coaching Model

Layered listening, powerful questions, supportive dialogue

The Seven Coaching Masteries

Numerous opportunities to coach using real-life work situations

Personal plan for integrating coaching into your HR position