Mentoring is about building a partnership between mentor and mentee that enhances the self-worth of both.”

As partners or mentees work closely with their mentors, the fear of change disappears. “Through the relationship with my mentor, I feel more ownership of my job and have the confidence to ask questions and find new answers.”

Mentoring creates people with greater self-confidence in their own judgment and a  willingness to embrace responsibility and take informed, calculated risks.


Perrone-Ambrose Associates offers programs, products and services to assist organizations establish and sustain formal mentoring initiatives.

Is your organization talking about issues like these?

“We need to do something to prepare people for leadership positions.”

“We hire and train people who then leave to work for our competitors.”

“Our managerial and leadership ranks lack diversity.”

Is your organization asking questions like these?

How do we justify a mentoring program to our management?

How should we select, match and prepare mentors and mentees?

What’s the best way to measure mentoring effectiveness?