Mentors 2100 – Strategic Support Cycle
Perrone Ambrose

Perrone-Ambrose Associates offers programs, products and services to assist organizations establish and sustain formal mentoring initiatives.

Mentors 2100’s Strategic Support Cycle features proven mentoring system planning, training and reinforcement.


Mentors 2100 Strategic Support Cycle

Mentoring Steering Committee Planning
Determining the business case for the mentoring program, defining how to select and match mentors with mentees and creating a support strategy.

Mentor Training
Mentors’ training focusing on the skill sets of the successful partnership. A formal ‘link-up’ solidifies the pair’s mentoring agreement.

Mentee Preparation
Teaching those being mentored how to become partners with their mentors.

3-Month Check-Up and Final Stretch Meetings
A mentor/mentee group check-in to review progress and energize the mentoring partnerships. Maximizing the benefits of mentoring in the remaining months of the partnership.

Transition Meeting
Determining the future of the pair’s relationship, confirming the critical learnings gained and acknowledging the partners’ contributions. Deciding how to move forward.

Do It Yourself with Mentors 2100 License

Mentors 2100 allows your experienced in-house trainers and facilitators to guide the mentoring partnerships throughout an entire yearlong cycle.

You have talented and experienced people in your organization. Who better to prepare your mentors and mentees for mentorship?

Mentors 2100 provides Perrone-Ambrose tested and effective facilitator guides, mentoring workbooks and materials for your trainers, your mentors and your mentees.

When your in-house instructors have completed our Mentors 2100 Train-the-Trainer program, they will be certified to lead mentors and mentees in Perrone-Ambrose’s complete mentor and mentee training programs. They’ll use our facilitator guidebooks and participant materials throughout the entire mentoring cycle. The four structured training sessions for both mentors and mentees include: the “Launch and Link-Up” Program, the First Quarter Check-Up, the Final Stretch Session and the end-of cycle Transition Meeting.

Capitalize on the programs we have developed over twenty-years of pioneering mentoring projects with hundreds of organizations. Follow the example of organizations such as BWXT, Federal Reserve Bank, FLSMIDTH, Saudi ARAMCO, Vectren Corporation, Old National Bank, Gwinnett Technical College, Riverside County of California, Emory University, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Georgia EPA, Sanford Corporation, Siemens Building Technology, Newell Rubbermaid, Bismarck State College, and Spectrum Health…