The Mentoring Field Guide
the mentoring field guide
The Mentoring Field Guide Book

The Mentoring Field Guide


Correlated with the popular A Mentor’s Companion by Larry Ambrose, the chapters of the Mentoring Field Guide match the Chapters of A Mentor’s Companion.

The Mentoring Field Guide collects the action checklists from A Mentor’s Companion and puts them in an easy to find by chapter format. Mentors will have ample space to notate the various Checklists discussed in a particular Mentoring Session.

The Checklists are grouped by the same chapter titles used in A Mentor’s Companion:

  • Making Contact
  • Mentoring in a Problem Situation
  • Giving Feedback
  • Making an Assignment      
  • Assignment Learnings

The Field Guide offers a noteworthy way to stimulate and record Mentoring discussions with your mentee on specific questions.

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