Train the Trainer


Participants work with a leader’s guide, receive instruction in the training presentations, and practice leading the experiential exercises to be conducted with their future mentors and mentees. These instructors also receive an in-depth briefing on the learning theory and methodology behind the various segments of the program. The sessions will cover all segments of the Organization’s mentoring program including:

Mentor Training

Mentee Training

Link-Up Session

Check-Up Meeting

Final Stretch Meeting

Transition Meeting

Program Licensing Options:

Following certification, there are two options for the instructors to present the Mentoring program in their organization:
1. Full licensing – future programs are presented by the organization’s instructors who have completed the T-t-T Workshop. The materials used for the subsequent training of mentors and mentees will be ordered from Perrone-Ambrose Associates.

2. Joint presentation – The organization’s instructors continue to co-train with Perrone-Ambrose Associates’ consultants as presentation partners. The materials used for the mentor and mentee training are the Mentors 2100 Workbooks.

Registration Fees for the Mentors 2100 Train-the-Trainer are $2600.00 for the first attendee from an Organization; Subsequent registrants from the same organization are charged $2000.00. The Materials charge for each participant is $300.00.

To Register for an Upcoming Train-the-Trainer three-day Online workshop conducted by Perrone-Ambrose:

May 16-18, 2023

To arrange for the Mentors 2100 Train-the-Trainer to be conducted at your site for up to 8 participants, please contact Perrone-Ambrose Associates (847) 714-9501.

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